Theme Tune

Right, rant time about where the licence money is going! The BBC in its senility have splashed out on re-doing Neil Richardson's composition, "Approaching Menace" and taken much of the tension out of it by over-orchestrating it. It's lost the strange and almost uncomfortable mix of space and claustrophobia that the original had. The original recording is unique and atmospheric. It's also a very good quality stereo recording, and compares well with recent recordings, so it's not like it needed updating for production reasons.

Anyway, I can't really find a reason why it had to be re-hashed other than to spend money, which seems to me along the lines of local councils doing unnecessary roadworks to spend the annual budget. The composer died a couple of years ago, but had he lived, I wonder if he would approve.

And what's with the look of the studio, is it meant to be like Tron?! At least they've kept that 1970s bedside electric alarm clock sound!

"So this is the planet Houston"