where am i

when and where was this movie supposed to take place?


I dont know either, i just caught the tail end of it.

It must be a fictional country that...

1. Is located in east/southeast asia, judging by the fact that the royalty and most of the "goons" are played by actors who appear to be asian in descent.

2. Recieved military aid from Nazi Germany back in the 1930s and REALLY loves the uniforms. Some chinese warlords got german assistance back then, along with uniforms.

3. Has a large population of caucasians.

4. Is close enough to the Russian Federation for dignitaries from there(i think thats where the uniforms were from) would want to visit a state wedding.

Based on this, i guess this takes place in a crappy country in central Asia, probably bordering northwestern china. May have been part of a soviet union after WW2 and may have even been caught in the middle of border squabbles between the two countries.

And thats probably more thought than the whole movie deserved, lol.


I just saw it. I immediately thought about Phil Collins "Land of Confusion".
I've got peasants,royalty,nazis,a Kaiser,GI Joe and a bunch of Pilots from Delta Airlines in the wedding scene.

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Hi guys the the location is

Bulgaria -Sofia

I was there


the movie is a crap


I disagree with your analysis, for the following reasons:
1) There are no Central-Asian–looking people in the film; the commoners all look like they're from Eastern Europe.
3) Most people speak US English, and everyone speaks English.
4) The houses look Eastern-European.

My conclusion is that it's an Eastern European country that has been colonized first by the US, which is why they speak US English and most of the aristocracy looks Western-European, and later by China.