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Original version, did it ever exist?

Being an english overdubbed Hong Kong movie, I'm wondering if it was released in its native tounge for Hong Kong audiences back in 1978? Or was it overdubbed in english from the getgo?

Furthermore, if such a version exists, was there a transfer made for release to vhs, beta or LD back in the day? Failing this, was there an early 80s transfer of even the english version to either home format?

I am aware and do own a few copies of the numerous DVD versions that have been floating around for the past decade, with the modified title screen (be it the "black belt jones 2" or the freeze-framed tattoo connection logo screen versions) during the theme song. Tracking down an earlier untouched version is the goal.

Its great to have Jim in a HK film, will be even better to have it preserved nicely.


I have good news for you; yes, the Mandarin/Chinese language version of "Tattoo Connection" does exist. You can find the dvd on Amazon, or ebay. You need to buy the one on the "Pathfinder" label. There is an option to watch the film in Mandarin with English subtitles. Don't expect the picture quality to be great though, as it hasn't been restored. It would be nice to see this movie restored as it was filmed in 2;35 scope, which I'm sure looked gorgeous. hopefully someday these movies will get more respect, and proper releases..

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