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there wasn't any cursing or nudity in my version

the label on mine says by Media Movies & More. i guess i got a censored version.


What??? No cursing or nudity, in THIS film? How long is the version you saw; 25 minutes? "Tattoo Connection" is wall to wall T&A, probably the most nudity I have ever seen in a martial arts flick. After a while it got a little uncomfortable in fact, hahahahaha. Well not really, but you don't expect that when you search out a martial arts film. I would be curious to see how they edited out the sex/nudity in your version, because I don't see how it is possible. But I got stuck with a censored copy of "Black Samurai," which is frustrating because it might be my favorite Jim Kelly title. That one is cut down to 81 minutes. Distributors need to start giving more respect to these movies, and give us better copies. They would definitely sell, as there is still a very big audience for this genre. Btw, if you want to find an uncut dvd of "Tattoo connection" it does exist, and the running time should be just around 90 minutes. Mine runs 1 hour 28 minutes to be exact, and the dvd label is 'Blax.'

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