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This film makes me feel delerious

This film, in my opinion (because anybody could interpret this to mean anything), is a literal visual interpretation of psychological trauma. The series of images range from random colors, to a man getting something smahes into his face, to a man holding scissors to his lips, to a naked woman. At least, that's the image i see. In my opinion, there is no telling what exactly these pictures are, there is no telling what the man is saying (even though speaking clearly, he is saying "destroy"). I think this film is a moving version of those pictures of black paint the psychiatrists hold up and say "What do you see in this picture?".

Visually, the films is surreal, and it resembles both in visuals and in sound design an Atari game, or more specifically, a broken Atari game. Quite appropriately too, because this video came out around the same time the Atari 2600 did.