This sucks...

No, not the movie but this board. There were way more posts on this board last year but they seemed to have vanished.

I know for a fact because I had a couple of posts on this board.

I have no idea why they deleted the posts as this board wasn't very big so it kind of angers me that they got deleted.

Sometimes when a board doesn't have any posts people won't bother posting because they think no one will read them. But people will post if there is a few posts on the board.

The board is here for us to read and post so why do the admins delete them?


I'm not sure, but I've noticed this on some of the boards for other movies. It doesn't make much since, I see posts that date back to the early 2000's, yet some from just last year are gone(Granted some of these could be due to flaming, etc...but not all of them)

My head hurts, my teeth itch, my feet stink, and I don't love Jesus.


What is there to say about this movie?

Instead of the pepper steak, Linda ought to have cooked the dick from that one kid to serve to the other kid.

Smoke me a kipper. I'll be back for breakfast


A lot of thread purging.