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Is this movie closed captioned?

I found the movie at my local library . I was very suprised that a small library in New Mexico could find it .

I like the movie a little bit . I was a little disappointed after having watched the 1985 version with megan follows.

I noticed a lot of people had the oppisite opinion as me but another reason I was disapointed was because I could understand what was being said . I read on this site that the accents were way off so I am glad I am not the only one that who couldn't understand.
I am not deaf but maybe slightly hard of hearing . I watch tv with closed captioning because people on tv and movies don't annuciate that well. So I have learned to read lips. Does BBC have closed captioning or is that only in America?
I really like watching BBC America because of movies like this but mainly Are You being Served? I like to see other cultures and what they find funny.
I recently rented Are you being served on DVD and I think it was closed captioned. I really like Brittish accents if they aren't very thick and I really want to understand .