Aw, how sad.

I was watching Jay Leno and Michael Douglas was the guest. Before he came on, they showed a few short clips of his work: Romancing The Stone, War of the Roses, Basic Instinct, Fatal Attraction, Wonder Boys, and Wall Street.

Every single clip got some applause from the audience (Wall Street got the most), EXCEPT for Wonder Boys. It was the only movie that didn't get applause. Too bad. Especially since even Basic Instinct got some claps!

Damn, this IMDb board is terrible.


I think Wonder Boys is my favorite MD movie. one of my favorites period. it's really close to home because the humor is just my own style & i identify w/the academic setting.

Grady's lifesyle is so typical of creative people. he'd love to do nothing but write fiction & get high on pot. he had a major success but still needs to teach to make money.

it seems like if he'd played his cards right & invested his book earnings properly, he would be able to just do nothing but write. supposedly all you need is one best seller & you can retire.

Anyway, this film is so multi-dimensional it can't be summarized in one posting. Frances MacDormand's character is likewise as interesting altho she's not developed as much as Grady. Robert Downy jr.'s character is perfect for him. Same for Toby M.

the ending was sheer perfection. now i need to read the book. sounds wonderful.


Because it was widely ignored. Nobody saw the film so they didn't recognize what they were looking at.