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The Second Worst Movie I've Ever Seen

Very depressing - many people die throughout
Literally no point to the movie
Waste of Robin Williams
Tries to be poigant about life and the human condition and fails

Movie is a giant waste of time period.


So the OP thinks a movie is terrible if depressing. Ok then. You must REALLY hate Schindler's List (which won many accolades) .....right then.

Pointless? You really think the notion of questioning at what point a life form goes from mere artificial intelligence to a sentient being to even being considered human - where that line can morally be drawn, is a POINTLESS thought exercise?

Or the question of equal rights?

Or the question of emotions, love, a soul, and at what point a being can be considered to have all of these?

The POINT of the movie was to examine the human condition and what makes a man a man. This is a VERY valid concern in the coming centuries, when artificial life LIKE Andrew will indeed become a reality. And what happens when some of them begin to think, yearn, dream, hope, despair, like any of us? Are we to say they are not eligible to be considered sentient beings every bit as deserving of the privileges we enjoy in life simply because they do not share our genetic lineage? How does one define "human"? Many people already live their lives with artificial organs and limbs and even computer chips implanted in their brains - why are they considered people while an advanced biomechanical android would be considered a THING? Where IS the line drawn?

If you think this question is pointless, you're in for a real shocker in the next 50 years or so when we WILL start seeing sentient AI questioning their very existence.

Clearly you lack the capacity to even ponder this so I'm wasting my time.


OP here 11 years after my original post. I was a teenager when I wrote that and have obviously matured since then.

First off, I still don't like this movie. I like the themes, the poignancy of certain scenes, contemplating the passing of time, and so forth.

But I don't like this movie. It's still depressing, you walk out of the film or end it depressed, Robin Williams's part could have been played by any actor and most of all... Robin Williams himself said the movie was depressing in his bit about a GPS wanting him to drive off the Golden Gate bridge when he did his special "Weapons of Self Destruction."

So the main actor, the protagonist of the film agrees with me.

By the way, personally attacking my intelligence is a mark of insecurity and just plain isn't nice. I hope you don't do that to others.


Heartbeeps (1981) has a similar premise and is possibly even worse.


wtf, what's the worst???