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Season One DVD box set released

I found out today from a site I frequently visit ( that the first season of Sergeant Preston of the Yukon has been released on DVD. I'm not affiliated with the site or the place selling the DVDs. I just thought I'd pass on the info.


Christopher Dunham
Monrovia, IN USA


Dear Christopher,
I thank you for the info, and so does my friend Peter.

Linda Coleman
Hudson, OH USA


Thank you. I recently watched the show on a site called Retrovision and I fell in love with the show. I am glad to know that I can get the DVD. Retrovision is an internet television site that streams 24/7. I am no affiliated with the site,but it has 5 or 6 channels featuring horror,sci-fi,comedy,cop show,and westerns. It is how I discovered Sargeant Preston. Thanks again for the info on the DVD set.


hi, badreliable--

thanks for the information. sergeant preston was one of my heroes was i was a kid. i'd love to see him in action once again!

i didn't realize HOW MANY years ago it was that i watched him on TV. nothing like dating myself (feels like CARBON dating! LOL)

thanks again. happy new year!


It's a shame that the print that was used for this episode has that annoying emulsion scrape down the center of the screen for about a minute, but it's a great episode...