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Other SPOTY/Dominion Questions - Is there a helpful Canadian around?

1. What is the legal difference between a territory and a province?

2. I seem to recall that during WWII, Newfoundland and Labrador where at war with Germany before (the rest of?) Canada because of their peculiar status (long since changed to provinces). Can anyone provide an explanation?

3. Did/Do RCMP officers really wear red tunics in the field? Seems to make targeting much easier for the bad guys.

4. Everybody over the age of ten appears to have a firearm in SPOTY. Is this historically accurate (so different from Canada's attitude today)? If so is the change due to time (late 1800's to today) or location (Yukon vs metropolitan area)?

5. Many storylines have criminals slipping over the border to Alaska (or attempting to do so) to get away. Since Alaska was a U.S. possession at the time, wouldn't it be likely that the Alaskan authorities would gladly return them to Sergeant Preston and his colleagues?

6. It seems that there was never conflict between white Canadians and the natives in the area, except when bad guys (in either group) abused/cheated someone from the other side. Very unlike the U.S. (television) standard of cowboys & Indians. How accurate was SPOTY in this regard?

7. Since Yukon King was often running free in order to execute complex orders given in English by the sergeant, was he a lead dog (or even a sled dog) in reality?

8. Did YK also understand French?

9. Other than YK, who apparently had a contract requiring him to be in every episode, what did the sled dogs do during the off season (summer) episodes?

Thanks for any information.