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Started ripping off other movies with this film, but no one seems to know or care?

Spielberg has been running on empty for at least a decade and a half, to such an extent that all he's been doing is ripping off visuals and sequences from other movies.

For example, almost all of Minority Report ripped of something, but I guess because he's an award winning director, everyone was afraid to say something. I counted at least 7 direct ripoffs, enough to make Quentin Tarantino blush. These are:

1. Wrongly accused fugitive on the run, discovers his colleague set him up and exposes him at classy function? LOL, that was the ending of The Fugitive movie.

2. John hopping back and forth down the speedway from car to car was in Attack of the Clones, when Anakin is chasing an assassin who tried to kill Padme.

3. The scene of John getting trapped inside the car assembly mechanism and trying to get out was from Attack of the Clones, when Padme gets trapped inside a robot factory.

4. The scene where he's getting chased by agents in the car factory looked like any scene in Men in Black.

5. Eyeball scene was clearly a direct rip of A Clockwork Orange.

6. Agatha screaming "RUN". I know it's pushing it, but it reminded me a lot of Forrest Gump when Jenny screams "Run, Forrest, Run."

7. The scenes of characters crashing through people's apartment buildings for comic effect was from Animal House.

8. There were many scenes reminiscent of Gilliam's Brazil, but it's been such a long time since I've seen that movie that I have to rewatch to recall what it was that he was ripping off.

I don't have enough else to go one, but I wouldn't be surprised if the more visually arresting scenes in this movie (especially the part in the mall with the umbrellas) wasn't ripped off from somewhere.


The main character walks into an office building. This was a big-time ripoff of the Devil's Advocate.

There was a scene where a character made a slight joke at the expense of someone else. Clearly a rip-off of Groundhog's Day.

Random cameos of other Hollywood celebrities. A ripoff of Zoolander.

There was a lot of CGI, which is yet another ripoff of Attack with the Clones.


There was a scene where someone talks, clearly ripping off that other movie where someone talks.

There was another scene with a jetpack, clearly ripping off that other movie with a jetpack.

And don't forget the scene where he held his breath and went underwater. That was a clear ripoff of that other movie where the guy held his breath and went underwater.

Such a ripoff.


It actually got me wondering if Spielberg had been ripping off other movies his whole career (like he sure as hell did with Raiders) and i've just never noticed before cause I never saw most of them old movies. Maybe that's where JarJar Abrams learned all his bad habits.


Spielberg even ripped off Timecop:


Hello.... this film was in COLOR. Clearly cribbing from The Wizard of Oz.


the sixth day and this had mall scenes.


OPer was mentally ill, but I was skipping through Time Cop, and it was extremely similar to Minority Report. In Time Cop (32:50 mark), police officer Van Damme takes an autonomous vehicle to his house, voice activates his television, starts drinking like a champ, and replays an old home movie of his dead wife. He's watched the video umpteen times because he recites dialogue before it's spoken. Minority Report more or less does the same thing, except Cruise consumes futuristic drugs, the home movies replay as holograms, and he has a dead kid instead of a dead wife. Still, I wouldn't say it's a rip off as both scenes are terribly generic. Minority Report is superior because Cruise is a better actor and the sci-fi is more interesting.