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Why do people believe Goodbye Uncle Tom is a documentary?

Reading the Imdb reviews and Youtube comments, it seems most people think this is a documentary instead of blackplotation shockumentary. The directors founded the Mondo movement. Filmed in Haiti and thank Papa Doc, the black dictator at the time.

The credits say "this is a documentary based on true facts" which doesn't mean anything.
There are two sources for the story. The end scenes are from The Confessions of Nat Turner.

The other is Goodbye to Uncle Tom, 1956 by J. C. FURNAS. I found no evidence he was a historian. He isn't credited but was quick to sue the producers! Wikipedia and Amazon have very little.

I have not seen the movie but watched some clips on youtube. Both versions are online, but only have SD resolution.
This one is so over the top and stereotyped I can't believe anyone thinks it true!
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