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Angels with Angles will be having a Charity Sneak Preview in New York on November 10th 2005, followed by its World Premiere this Christmas in Los Angeles, in accordance with the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences (The Oscars) regulations, that in order to qualify for a 2005 Academy Award a motion picture must play in Los Angeles before December 31, 2005. Frank Gorshin's performance as George Burns is Oscar worthy. The special make up in the movie was done by Academy Award winners Bill Corso (2004 Academy Award winner for Lemony Snicket) and Kevin Haney (1989) Academy Award winner for "Fried Green Tomatoes". The makers of Angels with Angles also believe that they have the potential for another nomination for Best Original Theme Song.

It seems a clear case of sour grapes that some folks might be making negative postings out of jealousy and spite. One should always consider the source. Compare IMDB credentials (verifiable cast members as opposed to hype Hollywood sales pitches). Examine the credentials and experiences of the producers and directors in terms of their IMDB credentials. Anything else is just smoke and mirrors. If you do not read it on IMDB, it is pure and simple hype. These postings for the most part are good-natured and passionate; however, sometimes there are folks with ulterior motives posting to make themselves look good at the expense of someone else. If you check out the IMDB listings, the only thing that is certain is cast and crew. Postings are not where IMDB's credibility and esteem in the industry lies.

Everything else is BS. A word to the wise. Consider the source.


I was fortunate enough to be at the charity premiere. This is a fine little film, with some inspired moments by Gorshin in his two roles. All in all, nicely done I say, I say.


When is the DVD coming out? Or will there be one at all?