What happens to movies like this? I mean I know the general taste of people in india. But even then come on this movie got a national award and apart from that such a good movie.
Govind Nihalani has had delivered surprisingly good amount of movies. I got a chance to watch party the other day and truly classic it was.
Films like these dont even achieve cult status forget about being recognized.
This movie kept me reminding of Rang de basanti. I dont know if makers of rang de basanti saw this movie or were inspired by it but to me after watching this movie rang de basanti story seemed to be a prequel of the story of this movie.
All of the characters of this movie seem to reoccur in rang de basanti at times. Only difference is rang de basanti has been watched by millions where as I hardly no anyone even heard of this movie.

I don't know even if anybody is going to read this post, far off hoping a response, but if you do watch this movie if got a chance.

Its a slow movie but with excellent character development


Superb Movie, I agree. And the fact is it was ignored when it was released and it lies ignored this day. The real hindi cinema is definitely not the infinitely stupid melodrama that Bollywood serves us by tons these days, real hindi cinema is this! I sincerely hope that this movie gets some recognition one day. Someday it deserves to get recognized as a classic.