What a Nice movie

One of the Best Indian movie I've ever seen. This movie excels in terms of quality in depth, acting and dialog.
I am just tired of watching all the mainstream, cheesy, predictable, hollywood inspired (or blatantly copied) movies that come out year after year. Jaya Vaduri is a great actress. I have seen some of her other films - they are nice as well.

Can anyone put here a list of such quality Indian movie as the Hazaar Chaurasi Ki Maa?


Tried watching Satyajit Ray films? A few of them are masterpieces. As far as films similar to this would probably be "Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi", the link to the film is here - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0411469/

Also, Mr and Mrs Iyer is excellent.

Against Stupidity the gods themselves battle in vain


1. Junoon (1978)by Shyam Benegal
2. Pestonjee Vijaya Mehta
3. Aakrosh by the same film director, Govind Nihalani
4. Ardhasatya by Govind Nihalani
5. Paar by Goutam Gosh
6. Messy Sahib by Pradeep Krishna
7. Mandi by S. Benegal
8. Umrao Jaan by Muzaffar ali
9. Garm Hawa by S. M. Sathyu
10. Bhavni Bhavai by Ketan Mehta (Gujrati)
11. Mirch Masala by K. Mehta

This'sn't an exhaustive list but I believe it's a representative one.