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Compilation of the best pompous faces

One day, when I get chance, I wan't to get all the University Challenge archives and make a compilation reel of the best pompous faces.

There really are some highly-strung gits out there. And so when they get a question right it's like a release for them, but one which they have to struggle to contain since they are on national TV (whereas normally they would snort/bellow/yelp with excitment and make sure eveyone knew they were the ones who got the question right).

This struggle results in a highly amusing assortment of contorted pompous faces wich, for me, captures the very essence of a geek in it's fully glory. Usually these people have curly hair/ have strange goatees / are ginger / have an equine quality (especially the girls; but you still would, mind).

On the other hand there are the quiet geeks, who upon getting a question correct, are suddenly thrust in the firing line of a brust of applasue and try very hard not to crumple under the attention. These types invariably wear glasses and have a haircut modelled on the Milky Bar Kid (and who, inexplicably, frequently have fit posh girlfriends).

I could go on. But I can't be arsed.

I imagine there'd be quite a selection hidden in the archives.
Especailly, of course, from Oxbridge.
I should know. I surrounded by them every day.
Every day.

I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near Tanhauser Gate..



I bet he has an inexplicably fit girlfriend as well.

I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near Tannhauser Gate..