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DVD available at Amazon France

This terrific film is now available singly or in a six pack (coffret 2) of Michel Deville films. Of course, it is PAL and region 2. I'd order it right away if I knew whether it had sous-titres en anglais (english subtitles). Does anyone know?


I asked a friend to check when she was in Paris earlier this year. She could not find this film, but she did tell me that very few French releases include English subs. I usually look at Amazon's French site first and then, another French vendor. Sometimes FNAC's descriptions are better than Amazon's and you get a better idea of whether there are subs. Unfortunately it did not specfically list English subs for this film or any of the Deville films that were recently released on DVD in France.


I have the DVD you're referring to (one of the six films in volume 2 of Deville's films).

There are no sub-titles of any kind.

For those who understand French: these are beautiful copies and each film comes with unusually interesting bonus material.