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Hal Shear, the 'Lucky Suit' Man

One of my all time favorite contestants on the Joker's Wild was Hal Shear. He was (at the time) one of the all time highest money winners on the Jokers Wild. He would rub his striped lucky suit to bring him luck. In one memorable game, he was down $500-$200 and he got one final spin. He rubbed his lucky suit and spun three jokers, answered a question and won the game. That rarely if ever happened on tjw.

Does anyone know where Hal shear is now and can give me his address and/or e-mail?? I really would like to contact him. He was a fine player and a very smart man. He rarely missed any questions. The game he lost he was winning the game but was beaten by the fast forward spelling category. Then he tried ff spelling to tie and/or win and he misspelled a word to lose the game.

Please if anyone can give me any info about him please let me know ASAP!!!