Jack Barry

I am not trying to make fun of Jack Barry here...please realize that,but tell me...who else could host Jokers Wild but someone who looks "somewhat" like the Joker himself? Jack Barry in later years had a sorta devilish look about him...its undeniable.This,I feel heightened the appeal of the show as a whole.No disrespect to the legendary Jack Barry....IMO he was the perfect host for the Jokers Wild....no contest there.


He did have a nose that made him look "like a sundial." (Quiz Show,1994)

Legendary? Oh, please. He was a crooked game show host who took the bullet for Geritol and NBC President Bob Kintner over the "Twenty-One" scandal. They rewarded him by keeping him on the back burner until the public forgot about him.


Yes, I agree Jack was legendary!!!

He may have made some mistakes; none of us are perfect, but he was a great game show host!!!

I liked Bill Cullen, but when he took over the show when Jack passed in 1984, the show was just not the same. Bill did not have the enthusiasm & energy that jack had as host. When jack yelled "Joker, Joker, Joker, he meant it. When Bill said it he did it with little or no authority.

So yes I did like Jack Barry and I remember I was deeply saddened by his sudden death.

I was also saddened by Bills death from lung cancer in 1990. I liked all the old game show hosts; these newer ones of today are just not the same!!!