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My favorite character is the greasy, drunk Dad

That guy kills me. Talk about authentic looking...I guarantee the guy got paid with Scotch as opposed to money....

"LSD, golly gee,
DDT, wowee!
Daddy's broke
Holy smoke
My future's bleak
Ain't it neat?"


Or a few stinkin' beers. He's memorably loathsome although this must be down to sweaty makeup, because he looks normal in his other roles. Google reveals that he now looks a bit like Jack Perkins.

Hey - he was in Billy Jack, which also had Cisse Cameron, who was in Space Mutiny! Small world.


The guy who was the greasy dad was the local doctor on The Waltons- much less oily and drunk, so it took me a while to recognize him!


Now imagine the movie if Drunk Greasy Dad got recruited by the Icky Elf instead of Michele Casey.

Dancing in a (naturally) oiled up jockstrap in thigh-high gold boots in front of a row of lady dancers.

Shake your money maker!