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Here's a puzzler, who is worse at their art form?...

Michelle from Girl in Gold Boots
Nomi from Showgirls

Tough one is it not?

Back home, they put me in jail for what I'm doing. Here, they give me awards.


Yeah...michelle was a pretty wretched dancer. Every time Joanie said "that's it! you got it!" i wanted to scream "What? she isn't doing anything like what you're doing!?"

Just keep telling yourself...its only a's only a poodle!


"Ok, that's how you frighten a black bear away from your campsite. Let's try dancing now."

***That was dirty pool -- using a Freud quote.***


She danced like a blind epileptic, but Joan was no better. Both of them jerked like automatons, and out of sync with both the music and the other dancers alike. Nowadays they'd give you medications for moving like that.


Thing is Critters dance was in style at the time and it sort of made sense with the pace of the film. I'm sure that wasn't by design but it worked out in the end. Truth be told, you didnt have to really know how to dance in the 60's.

By the 90's, dance was considered more organized. From break dancing to the popularity of ballet in music videos, audiences had some kind of expectation of people called dances and those expectations where that moves had to be choreographed and well executed in order to be called dancing. Naomi was supposed to be a seasoned dancer but the themes of her shows were things like women ppzing out of volcanos instead of molten lava. So she was supposed to be [hysixally imitating the boiling of lava. Thing is the movie didnt work but is a great bad movie to watch.

I'd say the best bad dance movies are.

Girl in gold boots
Saturday night fever
Skatetown U.S.A

These are all awsomely bad movies that need to be watched and preserved.


Never seen Showgirls, cause i wanted to preserve what's left of my brain cells. But speaking of bad 'dancing', how about Demi Moore in Striptease? Cripes, was she awful! Although still not as bad as Michelle, since the only dancing she had anything to do with was St. Vitus's dance. :P


Well, just remember that if we get "too picky" on dancing skills, we will get dangerously close to the Victorian Era when Waltz missteps were a thing of controversy.

Granted, spasming like a fish out of water while gasping for air is not a good dance move.


Michelle's is abysmal! Joannie's dancing is pretty good. I love when she's trying to teach Michelle the moves and she says, "Wow! You're really getting it!" Michelle is completely off beat and isn't doing anything close to what Joanie and the other dancers are doing. Suddenly Michelle is the lead dancer! Ha!