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Movie a prequel to "The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped"?

I figure the movie chain goes this way.

Joanie Nichols (the "I had a pretty mind" oily druggie dancer) gets fired by Leo McCabe for being a sloppy untalented dancer.

So after Leo McCabe is busted by the police while Critter holds the dealer gang at gunpoint... here is the rest of the story.

Joanie Nichols takes the stage name of Madame Estrella, acquires a huge tick on her face. Marty (the silent lesser-quality clone of "Haunted House" club owner Leo McCabe) was doing jail time for being a lesser accessory to the crimes (he could only communicate by grunts and mumbles anyway). So Joanie Nichols AKA "Madame Estrella" hires Marty fresh out of jail (better to employ the ones you know who will remain stupidly loyal no matter the circumstances) and she begins to call him "Ortega" after her favorite brand of round tortilla chips. I figure at some point she got some hypnotism lessons from Doctor Carlo Lombardi and began her campaign to hypnotize then spurn all who men who sexually rejected her by disfiguring them with acid to the face.

(Which coincidentally explains the longevity of the mumbling "Ortega")
(You have permission to cringe now)

And now we slide greasily into, "The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies!!?"

Madame Estrella encounters Jerry, hypnotizes him to kill off the local moderately attractive women he knows, and the stage dancers at the "Four O' Cafe" (starring Carmelita "guess the gender and win a prize" clone of Madame Estrella) and then later to kill "Katie Carol & the Girls of the Midway" dancers (the singing is good, the costumes are a bit too high-quality for strippers, but there is no "erotic dancing" per say).


Magnificent it all makes sense now.