Enjoyed this

This was in my Netflix instant queue for awhile and I finally decided to watch it. Wasn't expecting much and a trip to this imdb page proved that it wasn't a very popular title (only 2 reviews, no messages on the board, no trivia and only 100+ rankings) but after watching Love and Honor as well as Samurai Reincarnation in the last couple days I figured I'd knock one off my instant queue.

At only 90+ minutes, it went by pretty quick. You get to see how Tenge loses his eye and arm within the first 5 minutes but it left you wondering how the hell he got out of that mess alive, as the story simply moves ahead 1 year in time right after the arm gets hacked.

I won't get much more into it, as I hate having movies spoiled for me in message boards, but old favorite Tetsuro Tanba has a small role in the film and the ending is very Zatoichi-esque.

Bottom line, if you are a fan of Japanese samurai film, you shouldn't be disappointed in this one.


Missed my chance to watch it on Netflix, but it's free on Hulu, and I finally got around to watching it.

I agree, I thought this was a hugely entertaining movie. It's very funny, lots of crazy violence, great visuals. The urn is a ludicrous MacGuffin to instigate all the ridiculous action. The last Gosha film I watched, Hunter in the Dark, good as it was, was way too convoluted and long for what's really a B-movie. This one knows what it is, and it's much easier to enjoy. Great film! Chambara fans ought to like it.

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