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Great Space Coaster Soundtrack Album

To All Fellow Fans of The Great Space Coaster

Earlier this week, I was in a Salvation Army thrift store in my hometown. Guess what I found? The Great Space Coaster soundtrack album on cassette. I was thrilled and overjoyed to find this soundtrack album. I have been looking for this for ages. It is in great shape, both case and tape. It actually looks like brand new. WOW! What a find!

Though I am happy to have this on cassette tape, I still would like the vinyl pressing of this rare album to add my ever growing vinyl collection. I am still hoping to find it soon. I have many people helping me to find this on vinyl.

The soundtrack album was released on Columbia Records a year after the show's premeire when it was starting to get popular.

I just wanted to share this latest find with you all.

I hope that everyone has a wonderfful day.Sincerely Frank R.Schoonover