This movie kept me watching it

I really don't watch foreign films. I'm usually rather lazy and can't be bothered reading the subtitles.
And I didn't particularly enjoy watching this film. It was quite slow moving and obscure. There was so much surrounding information in the scenes that I didn't have that would have made it better to watch.

But for some reason, when I started to watch it, I had to see it too the end. Maybe its because I haven't seen ANY movie from a terrorist perspective of this type.
It WAS thought provoking. It didn't have typical Hollywood garbo and had a certain amount of realism about it.
I found it a mix of boring, fascinating, transfixing, thought-provoking.
I gave an 8/10.
Because for some reason, when I saw it was on TV again at Midnight, I had to stay up and watch it again.