Was Malli really pregnant?

OK, I agree this could be a stupid question. The first time I saw the movie, I took it for granted that Malli was pregnant, but I just finished it and question this assumption. Vasu tells her she's pregnant when she vomits after doing pull-ups on the tree, but couldn't that be from working out too hard? Stress? Gobbling her food? All of those?

I understand that maybe it took Vasu's comment for everything to click, but part of me wonders if she latches onto the idea of pregnancy as an excuse not to pull the trigger and, well, convinces herself that she's pregnant.


That's certainly a very interesting take on the situation.

However, let's face it. At the end of the day, it is a TAMIL movie and of course vomiting=pregnancy, duh!

Therefore, I seriously doubt if the director/writer envisioned it that way. Poor movie, overall. Tried to be too artsy for its own good. That being said, I liked the "father-like" character in the movie. He seems to be that cool uncle you wish you had!


Having seen "young woman vomiting=instant diagnosis of pregnancy", including diagnosis over the phone and by checking a just-pregnant woman out with a stethoscope, this is such a common trope in Indian movies that I think she probably is supposed to be pregnant. But yes, in reality, I think all of the above are at least as likely.