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Strange Question/Locating An Episode

Been years since I've seen it. Not sure if it's UCB, Mr. Show, or another show, altogether.
It's a sketch set in a living room, possibly for an intervention, where the guests, or a guest, is addicted to sticking random objects up their arse.
Indication of said item involves the person putting a sticker on it, designating that it's theirs.
Anyone know?
I can only imagine the responses I'm about to get, but this is a legitimate sketch from a sketch comedy show airing in the late 90's.


it was UCB, I think season 3 beacuase I dont have the episode on dvd and it was for either a swinger party or hurricane party kind of thing and only one of the guests is going around putting stickers on things to mark them for insertion into his ass

best I can get you

I have nothing to say.


Little late, but i believe it would be ep307- "Sex"

Spy a fool!