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Known comedians who appeared on UCB

I was suprised at first when I saw Rob Corddry in the audience during the theater episode of the first season. Was also fairly entertained by Tina Feys small role as a reporter during the ninjas official statement in season 2.
Also noticed that Paul Shceer appears several times as an extra. It's always fun to see where alot of actors started out, I suppose UCB gave alot of people an opportunity to get experienced.

Has anyone seen any other comedic actors?



I'm not sure i'd call people like Corddry and Riggle "superstars"...

They've done alright for themselves, though..

"Tide's up. Time to stay alive...."


The episode shot on stage in front of an audience, "Saigon Suicide Show" features Nick Kroll, who's of course dating Poehler now, and apparently Jon Benjamin.