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what are the odds of a US dvd release?

Is it likely that Sony will release "Pelisky" on dvd? This really is a fantastic film (his best, IMHO), and it played to great reviews at the 2000 Seattle Film Festival.

I have the region 2 dvd, which I'd like to show to my class, but unfortunately, I'm only able to use region 1 dvd players, so that's not happening unless this film gets a distributor in the US.



Well, both "Musime si Pomahat" and "Horem Padem" were released here on dvd, so I hope that "Pelisky" will be released also.

[EDIT: I bought a multi-region dvd player and my girlfriend picked up a copy while she was in Prague. Problem solved; go multi-region, everybody, and stick it to the greedheads!!!!]


I am so excited to see this *and* Divided We Fall, after I caught Up and Down on digital cable just a few months ago. Hrebejk is such a wonderful storyteller (credit to his co-writer Jarchovský as well, of course).

Of course, though it may be wrong, I've found that sticking it to the man via torrenting is also quite effective .

FYC 2009: Kathryn Bigelow, The Hurt Locker--C'mon Oscars, make history and award the best direction this year as our first female director winner!


I found remastered bluray (should be region free) version of this title with english subtitles available from

or remastered dvd (also region all) is available from
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