DVD Aspect ratio???

This is one of my favourite films of all time, and I've decided to get it on DVD. They currently have it on Amazon.com, but they say the ratio is 1.33:1. Please, could anyone tell me if this is correct? I really want to get it on DVD, but I don't want some cropped, mutilated version (I'm assuming the correct ratio is 1.66:1).

I have checked on the French Amazon site in case they had it in the original ratio, but it's discontinued.

this site http://www.dvdempire.com/Exec/v4_item.asp?userid=&item_id=1291266&pass=1
has it listed (it looks like the same cover as the Amazon.com version), but they specify 2 different ratios! You can look at the back cover of the DVD and it also lists 2 different ratios! (it says "4x3/1.66:1 Letterbox"). So does this mean that it is in the original widescreen ratio, but the DVD just isn't anamorphic??? Please can someone who has the DVD let me know?


i have that dvd and it doesn't give any options for aspect ratio. i've only seen the film on this dvd so i don't really have anything to compare but it doesn't seem cropped to me.



Just watched it, and the ratio was about 1.66:1. The reason why it says "4x3/1.66:1 Letterbox" is because it is non-anamorphic widescreen (a square with black on the top and bottom rather than a rectangular image), but I am pretty sure it's the correct aspect ratio. The Region 1 DVD is fine. No need to buy a foreign one (unless it has special features or something).

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Hey, thanks for that! I bought the R1 DVD anyway, too bad it isn't anamorphic, but I'm glad it's the right ratio :D

I would buy the French R2 version too and compare them (I love this film so much!), but unfortunately it's out of print.