Vladimir Putin

One of Vladimir Putin's favourite films.


Supposedly, it inspired Putin to join the KGB.

As the biography, "First Person," relates:

Putin decided as a teenager to become a K.G.B. agent because he was inspired by a 1968 movie, "The Sword and the Shield," about a Soviet double agent in Nazi Germany. "To find out how to become a spy, sometime back around the beginning of the ninth grade, I had gone to the office of the K.G.B. Directorate," Putin relates. He was quickly told that to join the K.G.B., one had to have a higher education, preferably law school (which, in the Communist days, did not prepare students for much more than party or police agency service). "What?! To catch people? What are you doing? You'll be a cop," his judo coach exclaimed when told of the plan. Putin put all his energies into getting into law school at Leningrad University.