Hated the ending

The ending ruined it for me

*************SPOILER ALERT********************

The last line:

Edward: Please tell Karina I found the perfect way to stop gambling: Have a son

Right having a son will solve his problem.

Having children does not stop problem gamblers. It is one thing to say you are going to stop gambling for your childs sake - another to actually do it.

Perhaps some problem gamblers find the motivation to stop because they have a child, but many don't - they keep on gambling despite the fact that they are ruining their childrens life.



I agree. Throughout this whole movie we are supposed to believe that deepthroat is soooooooo dangerous and he even puts a claim on the main character's child.

But then he goes and gambles it all away like an idiot, and then somehow he miraculously survives at the end. Very stupid.

I think this movie would have been a hundred times better (and that isn't saying much because it's really horrible) if he had died by the sprinkler.

Also I think the movie could have done better to show how the main character was addicted to gambling. They really didn't try to show it at all until the very end so when it finally happened, it was not genuine at all. The only way we know he is a gambling addict is by narration and from the blackjack scene near the end.

One of the first rules of filmmaking SHOW DON'T TELL.

God this movie sucks...

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The odds are he probably will return to gambling at some stage in his life, I think you're probably right there. The quote about him quitting gambling is just hopeful optimism on his part amidst the euphoria of regaining his life which he was fairly sure would be gone.

I don't think this quote is to be taken like a conclusion of what happened in the next 10-20 years. I think it was just something he said in the moment - whether it came true or not we don't know.

Clearly it's not supposed to be the most realistic of films. For what it is, I think the movie is decent, even good.