Any good ninja films?

I'm just wondering, being a fan of ninja, are there any decent movies about them or including them? All I see are animes with monsters and ridiculous powers and whatnot and others such as Ninja Thunderbolt where ninjas wear rollerskates. I'm not saying that those two genres aren't fun but does anyone know of semi-serious live action ninja films? Thanks.



Sure. there is a new film called shinobi,which is about a battle between kouga and iga ninjas. Lone wolf and cub is a classic series that has lots of ninjas. shadow hunters, samurai spy... for anime- ninja scroll and basalisk


There's also:

Ninja Assassin
Five Element Ninjas (also known as Chinese Super Ninjas)

Plus these ones feature ninjas in some, maybe extensive capacity:

The Last Samurai
Heroes of the East (also known as Shaolin Challenges Ninja)
Duel to the Death
The Warrior's Way
Castle of Owls (and it's remake: Owl's Castle)

like Samurai Spy, check out Masahiro Shinoda's films. I haven't seen many, but he's a decent director at least, made several movies with ninjas apparently.

But yeah, there's not a whole lot by and large. Kind of amazing or funny how many dang good (as in best movie of all time type) samurai movies there are but how few ninja ones.