Undisputed Truth

I just saw an old early 70's Soul Train and saw the Undisputed Truth perform. I think I may have caught a partal performance of theirs before and liked them, but this time, they most definitely got my attention and blew me away--I actually turned up the TV up on max to get the most out of it as. I could, though I couldn't quite make out much of the words. (First sounded like it might have had to do with a grandma, though Mama sounds more likely. The second one I thought said something about a Boogie-Man, but just "boogy" and "man" where probably just rhythmically scattered in the song. In any case, I just loved their sound in general, I loved that they sounded different-as they said when Cornelius interviewed them, they don't worry about fitting into any particular genre, and I love their disco/Australian aboriginal kind of look (maybe they thought it was a little African, but with the fros being blonde, they look Australian aboriginal in disco costume and make-up.). Of course, these days, they also look like Burners (from Burningman)! :)

I gonna add these guys to my Pandora!

Am I the only one who likes them?