U.S. DVD release

Several online retailers are showing a June 2008 release date for "William Tell" on DVD. While details are still sketchy at this time, the three DVD set will be coming from the Timeless Media Group, which has previously released the first 30 episodes from season 1 of "The Adventures of Robin Hood." Currently, there is no information about this release at Timeless' site so it's difficult to say whether this will be a full series release or jut selected episodes (I'm guessing the later, though I hope I'm proven wrong). This is the first commercial DVD release of the "William Tell" series in the U.S.


***** DVD Update *****

Timeless Media has pushed back the U.S. DVD release date of "William Tell" to August 19, 2008. The set will not be a full series set, rather 30 episodes spread across three DVDS, just like the company's "Adventures of Robin Hood" release.


i wonder what theme song they will use...

the one in which the william tell overture is put to words


the freedom song

i recall 'the freedom song' when i was a boy and loved that tune


I also remember the Freedom Song.. I sometimes drive my wife nuts singing that around the house, along with Maverick and Rawhide.

Hope it comes back.. I have been looking everywhere for that version.


The entire series run of "William Tell" is available on through Network DVD in England as are "The Adventures of Robin Hood", "The Adventures of Sir Lancelot" and "The Buccaneers". Both theme songs can be heard on different episodes.