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Please, please help!

I loved this show when I was very young, and I too remember the "Freedom Song" episode versions.

I've looked and looked some more, hoping to just hear the song again, but to no avail.

Does anyone know if it can be heard at any website? There are so many that have TV theme music, but none I've found with that wonderful Freedom Song. It still gives me chills to recall how much it moved and inspired...

I'm not sure how many tomorrows I have left, and I'd love to hear it again for the first time in nearly forty years.

So, if you could help, I'd be so grateful!




You might want to try the British web site Whirligig; link:


Thank You for your kind and helpful reply, Honorable BobH!

But, Alas! The two themes shared at the Whiligig-webiste are not the much sought, long dreamed of, and fondly remembered one I so much want to hear again...

The song I want to hear so very much is frequently referred to as the "Freedom Song" by people who remember this little gem of a TV show from yesteryear, and it's rousing message sounds as if it's delivered by a tavern full of men who have had plenty of grog...and not enough Freedom!

Ah...the quest continues. But, my thanks to you, BobH, for taking the time to try to help me, are from the heart.

***THANK YOU!***



Not the best quality, but after forty years it sounded mighty sweet!



Dear sir, My name is ron and my e-mail is...[email protected] I have been looking for this song for fifty years and i have found it here on this site I have ordered the dvd set and iam waiting to recieve it soon, hoping I will get the freedom song! God bless you you remember it like i have and i don't feel so all alone


Thank You for your kind reply, Good Sir Ron!

I hope you've received your DVDs and found them wonderfully enjoyable!

And, I hope you've found them to have that unforgettable song! Just thinking about it still "does it" for me!

Thanks Again, Ron!