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A question for Spanish speakers

There was this one line in this enjoyable film that for some reason got stuck in my head, and I'd like to know how it goes word by word. I don't even remember which character delivers the line but it's someone in the film crew, in the scene where the Russian hostage-turned-stunt man escapes and the moon in the set breaks. I've seen the movie with Finnish subtitles but in English the line goes something like "Boy, put the moon back on!" (delivered in Spanish) and then he goes on shouting Licht! Licht! in German.

So, if there's someone who has seen the film and knows how the line goes in Spanish, then please can you let me know, thank you!

Suunnilleen niihin aikoihin kuningas tuli hulluksi ja synnytti pojan.


that's one of my favourite scenes in the movie.
The line is: "¡Nene!, enciéndeme la luna. Licht, Licht!!"
(Boy!, turn the moon on, Licht, Licht!)


I dont remember that part, but may favorite line is when Blas said that he made movies without thinking about politicts an Julian the Fascist veteran answers:

No no no, El que quiera pescar, que se moje el culo, o se esta con Franco o con los rojos.

I love that line together with:

A que te mato a polvos aqui mismo.

Julian is the best. LOL