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two separate Spanish soundtracks on DVD

The copy of La Nina de Tus Ojos that I have on DVD, distributed by Studio Latino (with a different cover picture from the one shown at this IMDb webpage, and with all cover text in Spanish) has two different Spanish-language soundtracks.

The box says:
Contenido Especial:
--Pantalla Completa (2.33:1)
--Estereo 5.1 En Castellano
--Estereo 2.0 En Espanol Neutro
--Subtitulos Ingles
--Trailer Y Cortos
--Escenas Excluidas
--Corto De Efectos Visuales

I thought it was pretty interesting that anyone would go to the trouble to dub the whole film this way, and was curious whether this is a fairly common thing to do with Spanish films. (I'm assuming the original is Castilian, and the "neutro" must be the dub.)


I thought it was so weird too and not common at all in my experience. Apparently someone had trouble understanding the Spanish slang. The Neutro dub is just Neutral, non-national Spanish; I mean, a person from any country can understand it. The voice actors use the "Telemundo" accent, which is so neutral that you can't really tell which country the voice actor is from. Thus, the Español neutro track doesn't have Spanish accents or slang.

But actually, if you think about it, I think it's just a really clever joke. The movie deals with the very hilarious idea of dubbing films into two languages. I guess that's what they were playing with here.