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Did Anyone Notice?

I saw all of the Yogi's Gang episodes on the Internet and, believe me, out of the entire crew, Yogi, Boo Boo, and Snagglepuss are in EVERY episode. All three of them not only appear in every episode, but also have dialogue in all 15 episodes.

Unfortunately, Huck missed out on "Mr. Smog," both in appearance and dialogue. So the main crew are Yogi, Boo Boo, Huck, and Snagglepuss. Everyone else is on the side crew.


As i diehard HB fan in general not to mention this series itself, this always was the inherent problem.

This show and even the original telemovie had a large crew of characters in the gang but the truth was a lot of them were part-time in that they appeared as a part of the crew but a lot never really had lines through the whole show.

As someone who loves huge crossovers in general i still believe this could of been handled better letting some more of the characters have more screen time. Some characters really got there purpose dusting done in this series that they didn't really seem to recover from. Now i understand the point of having the main characters, but would it have really hurt to let a couple more people get some lines and plot here and there. Like Lippy and Hardy's uses, that kind of role should have been repeated for the rest of the crew that were basically recurring cameos.

I think the original telemovie did a bit better job at it for it's runtime and actually having a larger crew. We know they fixed up there ability to handle large cross overs in the laff-a-lympics where only one character really ever got shafted (which is more than likely just a voice issue)

Overall i wish they would have gotten some more time for some other characters but the series and said and done, but still enjoyable and at least plenty of characters got to be apart of this

I refuse to argue on IMDB until the general populous actually uses their brains


My guess would be it had something to do with what vocalist Daws Butler could manage with some distinction and which voice would be most catching for the young viewer.

Snaggle Puss had clearly emerged as some favorite, as it was used in Funky Phantom, slightly used in Roman Holidays then Snaggle Puss was very prominently featured in Laff-A-Lympics, so either Butler could do this voice easiest or as I said, it was determined to be memorable for kids, unlike the helium voices of Pixie and Dixie, the redundant lyrical rhyming of Yogi or the excessive word adding like Mr. Jinx would do. Quickdraw took too long to say anything, and then really said nothing other than that horrible "I'll do the thinnin' around here and don't you forget it."

Stuff like 'scram, Sam, take it on the lam" was much more prevalent in the 60s cartoons, but upon just viewing some Yogi's Gang eps, he did it here as well.

It was Yogi's show, first of all, hence why he appeared in all of them, and Booboo was his loyal sidekick.

The ommission of Huck is peculiar for one episode. Maybe the decision was to just give the character a break, but I thought the perception was he was a fave.

Characters such as Wally Gator were suddenly thrown to the front in the Prankster episode, and I know 3 seemingly random characters appear in the Cheater episode.

Again, I would think it had to do with what voice was popular and which one was easiest on Butler, but there was clearly some overkill with Snag back then. We thought that with Laff-A-Lympics.

Everyone did enjoy Snag's "Exit stage right" so maybe that was why he was overused.

But many of the others, Magilla Gorilla, Hardy Har Har, the voice trying to moralistically reason would just take too long for a kid's psyche.

Atom Ant was predominant in the Mr. Waste episode, but again, it was the helium voice.

Then someone like Super Snooper, it woult like, uh, just be takn' too long, uh, for him t' begin his approaching the final conclusion to his sintince.


Come to think of it were Snoop and Blab in this one. I regretably don't have all the eps still on tape but off the top of my head i don't recall them having much of any presence in this show.

I refuse to argue on IMDB until the general populous actually uses their brains


Maybe just in a crowd group or something. The scene I always remembered of Lambsy from It's The Wolf was actually in the Saturday Superstar Movie, where Yogi's Gang premiered, but I don't think Lambsy or Bristlehound made it into the weekly serial, tho I have also been told the premiere movie was cut into a two-parter and added into the serial.

the Atom Ant bit in Mr. Waste would have been ideal for Snoop and Blab.

The Gossipy Witch episode gives way to how the characters were being cookie cutter-cardboarded up, as she attempts to give each of them gossip and they brush her off, with Quickdraw's dialogue, "I don't mean to be rude, Gossipy, but I have work to do."

Doesn't mean to be rude?????

That politeness was lost on me as a kid. "Gee, Quickdraw is nice to someone who is trying to be mean to someone else. I'll learn a valuable lesson from that."