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"Thor" Creates Confusing Thunder
Posted:   Tuesday December 14th, 2004 10:11pm
Source:   IESB,   IGN Filmforce
Author:   Garth Franklin 

In an interview with the IESB, Avi Arad talked about the planned big-screen version of Marvel Comics' late "Thor" title.

Arad confirmed rumors that swirled last week that screenwriter David Goyer ("Blade", "Batman Begins") was onboard the project - "Thor is being written now. Actually, David is going to write it. He is a Thor fanatic for a long time. He's going to write it."

The funny thing is, IGN Filmforce attended a convention this past weekend in LA where Goyer was in attendance. When asked, he apparently seem surprised to hear that Arad said he was scripting it - as far as he knew the deal was still only in the works.

Goyer added he hopes to direct the film, which is set-up at Sony Pictures. He also downplayed the notion that rumored contender Triple H would portray Thor, saying he didn't think the wrestler-actor might be all that interested in it.


So, any thoughts on who should play the God of Thunder...?


My picks for Thor in 2007:

Dougray Scott
Tyler Mane
Triple H
Edward Burns...?
Hugh Jackman...?
Stuart Townsend (the original Aragorn)
Viggo! (even Danish/Norwegian descent!)

If I was a betting man, I would lay some money on Kevin Nash. Offered the role of Sabretooth, bit part in Punisher...Avi Arad seems to like him, so look for Big Daddy Cool to step up.


Tyler Mane should be Thor, 10 or 15 years ago, Dolph Lungren.
Also Gabriel Hogan (He's a Canadian actor, 6'4" with huge biceps, he appeared in "Peter Benchley's Amazon" a precursor to "Lost") should be given considerations. Remember Christopher Reeve was a virtual unknown when he became Superman.

Liam Neeson as Odin

Gabrielle Reece (I know she's not an actress) as Sif, or maybe Andrea Parker, Natasha Henstridge? In mythology Sif's hair was made of woven gold.

Loki? I'm not sure

Badder than old King Kong, Meaner than a Junkyard dog


may not be tall enough but VIN DIESEL


I would love to see a Thor movie but, I fear one movie wont be nearly enough, and Thor is too big and important grand scale huge character to be done with less than a trilogy

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Personally, I can't see anyone play Thor BUT Paul Levesque, aka Triple H. He's born to play the god of thunder.


"may not be tall enough but VIN DIESEL"

WTF! Do you want this movie to suck?!. At every action film board someone always shouts out "Vin Diesel" regardless or not of whether he is right for the part

This could well be the best signature ever


Just because he may LOOK like the character does not mean he could BE the character. I can't see HHH, or any wrestler off the top of my head, spouting off Thor's " Forsooth!"s and "Verily, the Odinson says nay"s with any degree of realism.


To bad the movie is being made to late, cause the best person to have played Thor, is now the Governor of Cal...Yep he would have played a Real Good Thor!