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Thor - Vladimir Kulich would be best choice

Vladimir Kulich should be cast as Thor. Even though he's older now, after his performance in The 13th Warrior, few actors/others can pull off the look, stature, voice, and presence of the Norse god/Thor as well. I mean let's face it, Thor is not only fierce and righteous, he is also really handsome in a distinctive, blond, blue-eyed Viking god sort of way, and Vladimir has that look totally. After 13thW, even many Scandinavians said he would make the perfect Thor in a movie. End of story.

If not the Thor role, then Odin, although ironically he's perhaps a little young for that, while he's getting a little older than they'll probably cast as Thor. Even so they should give him a shot at auditioning for Thor and/or Odin. He would need to work out a bit and Vladimir has cut his naturally long, very blond hair now, but there's always extensions unless he grows it long again.