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Nightline returns to its old timeslot for coronavirus reports, swapping with Jimmy Kimmel reruns

The ABC News program, which launched 40 years ago this month to report on the Iran hostage crisis, is returning temporarily to its 11:35 p.m. ET timeslot for coronavirus coverage. Jimmy Kimmel Live! is on hiatus for at least the next two weeks over the coronavirus, and will move back to its old 12:05 a.m. ET timeslot. Kimmel's show has aired at 11:35 p.m. since 2013. "As previously announced, Nightline is devoting its show to sole coverage of COVID-19 and the global and domestic effects of the outbreak, marking a return to the program’s roots when Nightline launched 40 years ago with daily news updates on the Iran hostage crisis," ABC News said of Nightline, which is anchored by Juju Chang and Byron Pitts. "As the crisis continues to rapidly develop across the nation, by airing one-hour earlier, Nightline will reach even more people with the important context, analysis and expert insight Americans want to stay informed and safe during this uncertain time."


This alphabet network is doing their usual greedy at the cost of lives thing. They got shamed until one division closed some properties, but this division is the only network out there forcing people to continue filming. Unless you are a showrunner or actor/actress with power, the network wants you shooting your show and the parent company wants you shooting movies. "ABC" (ABC's 'Nightline' returns to its original 11:35 p.m. home in the wake of coronavirus crisis)