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You just watched a commercial

That's what many of the so-called news stories on this show are - just publicity pieces that promote and advertise a company or hollyweird star.

Last nights show (Dec 10/12) about Fed Ex was one of the worst example. I don't know how much farther the producers of this show could get up Fed Ex's backside.

They put on a performance where they very carefully hand delivered a cake and followed it through the delivery chain, trying to convince the audience that Fed Ex treats your packages gently, with white gloves and lovingly cares for your packages.

What a crock of *beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*

The truth about how they throw around your fragile items can be seen in a dozen videos on the internet of workings throwing delicate LCD TV's over fences and chucking boxes 60 feet towards homeowners porch.

And the TRUTH about how they throw around boxes behind the scenes has been revealed by several candid interviews by employees. They admit that your valuable items are treated like footballs.

Nightline is for sale to the highest paying advertiser - and your opinion has just been bought.

It's a shame that a "news" show is for sale to the highest bidder.