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Stupid, stupid time slot

Ok, starting at 12:35am is definitely a step down, and means I am less likely to record the show on my PVR because there are more often two other things on at that hour - and my stupid PVR only records a maximum of two shows at once - but some stations are really dumb to start the show at 12:40am, and it runs 5 minutes into the 1am-2am time slot - and that hour is significantly more likely to be a time I want to record two other programs.

But to make things even worse, for those of you with timeshifting on your cable package, you can also try to watch the program at 3:40am - but again - the show goes 5 minutes into the 4 am program slot - and there are times I want to record two shows at 4 am, so I am more likely to NOT be recording Nightline.

Strange that I couldn't find Nightline on any stations starting at 3:35am. Only 3:40am.

Stupid. Really stupid.

Of course, much more stupid is the new Interactive Program Guide on our new stupid PVR's that Cisco and our cable company (Rogers) foisted on us. The old firmware would easily let me chop the last 5 minutes off a program that went 5 minutes into the next hours shows - but Cisco has managed to create the absolute worst piece of garbage program guide in their pathetic new "Nextbox" PVRs.

PS: Oh, and thanks for a couple of other stupid changes execs at Nightline - you now don't start the show until after about a minute of useless junk and advertisement to start your preview of the three pieces to be on the show that night - and then you were nice enough to add a whole block of commercials after the preview and before the actual show.

Stupid move Nightline.

Oh - and another thing - don't even bother doing pieces on crime where some husband kills his wife or the other way around (like those sleezy shows like 48 hours, etc) - because I won't be watching such pieces.

Why? Because I don't want to invite such violence into my living room every night. Such stories are just exploitation of the sad violence that is way too common - and dwelling on it just makes everybody afraid and scared to even step out their door.

One story like that was on tonight about Jodie Arias (sp?) who killed Travis Alexander. Why would I want to hear about such awful violence?

And do you really think you feel better after watching such a story? I once argued with a girlfriend who transfixed to the news about a rapist that was active in our city. She said that she was safer by knowing the details that he was out there. I don't buy it. I think the news sells us a lie that you NEED to watch all this bad news or you will be a victim.

I don't buy it.

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The ABC News show did beat Craig Ferguson and Jimmy Fallon this week.