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tonights' episode about NYPD '250'...Spokesmans' name?

The first segment about the N.Y.P.D. "250" policy being ethnically biased, at one point they say that a kid by the first name of Jimani was shot 7 times in a "250" and they walked, with that one main kid Kaseem they were talking to, by Jimanis' vigil.

But later in the segment they speak with a guy also named Jimani; a spokesman for some kind of advocacy group. He has either braids or dread locks and I think he was wearing a blue 'blazer' jacket. And he mentioned that he had Tourette Syndrome and all it would take for him to get picked on by the cops would be to leave his house; the words "furtive movements" were quoted.

But what was full name?
The dreadlocked, advocacy guy with Tourette Syndrome?
Jimani's his first name but what did they say is his last name?