Is this still on?

Anyone know?


Was wondering as well. Stopped watching back when it morphed into a carbon copy of Inside Edition.

Tuned in, tonight. It seems to be getting better. They do 3 stories ~7 minutes each. One on the process of kids applying to elite colleges, one on Palin's endorsement of Trump & one on Amy Schumer stealing jokes. And they dropped those stupid graphics.

The political story was too much in the style of "horserace" coverage. Would have preferred focus on policy. But all news shows can be faulted on this count.

The practical news story was the most interesting IMO. Could be described as politics but more in a "rubber hits the road" style.

Didn't mind the Hollywood story. IIRC in the Ted Koppel days, Friday shows were entirely dedicated to pop culture fluff.

I miss the long format, in-depth reporting. Frontline is the only one that comes close but focuses more on post ex facto storytelling. I admired the way Nightline would tackle current issues from multiple angles. Bummer that the proliferation of cable news didn't fill this niche.

I'm ruminating & clearly procrastinating. Back to work.


That's an insult to Inside Edition. Nightline is the bottom of the barrel.