OK I know to what part of the anatomy they are referring when they mention Ponderosa in relation to Kevin Cartright. But...

What on earth, does the ranch in Bonanza have to do with that part of the male anatomy?

OK it doesnt spoil my enjoyment of the movie but despite seeing it many times, I still dont get it.

Any suggestions?


Ponderosa mean powerfull in spanish.

Hope it helps

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peace of advice: Use a dictionary/encyclopedia from time to time :)

• ponderosa ['pɑndə'rəʊsə /'pɒn-]
(n.) species of large pine tree

So you see, they never meant some ranch in Bonanza (which I don't know anything about, anyway)... the meaning is quite self-explaining though :)

Have fun, Obeliks


Ah many thanks...

Though in fact there is a direct reference to Bonanza at the mentioning of ponderosa (viz Peter Steinberg humming the theme tune of Bonanza at the end when he finally meets Kevin Cartwright) which would explain my confusion. I never knew that ponderosa was anything else other than a "proper noun".

Many thanks again for your help in this.


I went to a translation site, and the defintion it said for "Ponderosa" was "Weighty".


Just to clear up the confusion...they DID intend it to be a Bonanza reference. There are a good few references to Bonanza - most notably the humming of the theme tune as Kevin walks past Peter, and the explanation given for Kevin's nickname - "Ponderosa - you know, as in the Bonanza ranch."
Either way, the nickname is still referring to size but I think Obeliks (above) may need to watch the film again seeing as the Bonanza joke is a blatant running gag throughout the movie :)


that kills me!

>peace of advice: Use a dictionary/encyclopedia from time to time :)

try spelling piece correctly if you're going to advocate the use of dictionaries :)


Come on, people. The reference to Bonanza (instead of some other random thing) is because his last name is Cartwright. The family name on the show is Cartwright. Their ranch is the Ponderosa. Hence, the nickname.


Thank you - it was driving me nuts that nobody could figure this out EVEN THOUGH Peter explains the connection! I couldn't believe how far down I had to scroll before someone gave the correct answer. Sigh.


Didn't the show "Bonanza" get called "Ponderosa" in syndication?



It has nothing to do with the dictionary definition of ponderosa or what it means in Spanish. The The character is named Cartright like the family on Bonanza and the Ponderosa ranch where the family lived was 600,000 acres. So the Ponderosa was huge just like Kevin's penis.

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