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Nickelodeon Fan Meet (Rescheduled)

If you remember Nickelodeon from 1979-1989 then this fan meet is for you!!! 80’s Kids unite as we take a step back in time to celebrate the network that made us who we are today!

Activities include: meet & greet along with memory sharing, Q&A time for any special guests (working on that) & a full day of watching classic Nickelodeon shows from the early to mid 1980’s including (but not limited to), at least an hour of Pinwheel, Today’s Special, Black Beauty, The Tomorrow People, Turkey Television, Standby…Lights! Camera! Action!, Special Deliveries & much more!

So make your plans now to attend the First Annual Classic Nickelodeon Fan Meet on October 1-3, 2010 at the Best Western Altus in Altus, OK!

Anyway prices are as follows:
Tickets go on sale August 1, 2010
$20 per adult
$10 for children 13-17
$5 for children 4-12
Babies 3 & under will be free

If you have any questions please contact Ice at [email protected] (Add fan meet to subject box please.)


Pinwheel Songbook
Today’s Special
Gigglesnort Hotel (substitute for Dusty’s Treehouse)
Vegetable Soup
Black Beauty
The Tomorrow People
You Can’t Do That On Television
Double Dare
- Special Delivery – Wild Rides
The Third Eye – Under the Mountain
Turkey Television
Out of Control
- Fan Meet Special Delivery – Big Apple Circus
Livewire (1 segment)
Standby…Lights! Camera! Action!

In between each program will be Classic Nickelodeon commercials and/or Pinwheel Cartoons and a couple of Classic Nickelodeon sightings from VH1.

***Last year after I canceled it I had two or three people email and said that they had wanted to come but b/c they didn't let me know ahead of time I had no idea that anyone was interested. So needless to say I don't want that to happen again this year so I'd like to get some dialog going about it now if we could please.***