Escrava Isaura (1976)

I just wanted to know if the television series will ever be available either on VHS or DVD format? If it's available now, does anybody know where it can be purchased (online or store).

Thank you.


I'm from Brazil and I know Globo Television (the fourth network of the world) haven't released it yet in VHS or DVD format. This "telenovela" (soap opera) is the most successful product of exportation produced by the Globo Organizations. Globo TV has been selling this soap for many countries.

In China and Cuba, Lucelia Santos (Isaura) is a big star until these days. So, I imagine the producers would rather making more money selling it for television.

On the other side, many successful Globo's "minisséries"/mini-series (which have less episodes than a "telenovela", that is the case of "Escarva Isaura",
have been released through the years in DVD format, including "Anos Dourados", "Anos Rebeldes" (both ot them are great!), "Hilda Furacão" (a success, but I couldn't see it), "Os Normais" (funny!), "A Grande Família" (still on air, very funny) etc. Maybe releasing "Escrava Isaura" in a DVD format be in their plans someday.

Nowadays, it has been broadcasting an inedit version of it, called "A Escrava Isaura", produced by Record TV, the third channel in Brazil.

It is from the same director, Herval Rossano, and based upon the same Bernardo Guimarães' novel. The plot is a bit different, and the cast is very different, but very good. The caracter Leoncio is played brilliantly again, now by actor Leopoldo Pacheco (Rubens de Falco plays his father).
This new version has got good reviews and audience.
Probably the version of 2004 will also sell around the world by Record, and you could see it sooner or later in the US or wherever.
Good luck in your searching.


Is there a mp3 with the music from the movie?


Of course, there is.
Escrava Isaura's musical theme was composed by one of the masters of Brazilian music, Dorival Caymmi.
The name of the song in Portuguese is "Retirantes" and is available in mp3 files.